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 Bridging the Gap between Poverty and Financial Freedom

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Hip-Hop 'n Stocks Day Trader
Hip-Hop 'n Stocks Day Trader

Welcome to Hip-Hop 'n Stocks. Our mission is to bridge the gap between poverty and financial freedom through day trading. This website was created to teach you how to earn money by trading stocks.  I know it sounds scary, but you can do it - I did. Below are all the book(s), classes and video I watched to help me become a profitable and confident trader. Here’s my story …

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About Hip-Hop 'n Stocks
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         I worked 9-5’s and ran the rat race for years, but most of my experience comes as an entrepreneur. I had a young rap career then started a few businesses. Never really seen much return on my investments in general, but when I traded my first stock on Robinhood things changed. I brought over 700 shares of HTZ (Hertz) around $2 and sold at $6 two days later. I made wild bread - in 2 days! 

         I was hype! I kept thinking to myself… is this legal? Are people really earning a living like this? I’m just a black man from Harlem, New York lmao. Why am I just now discovering this? If I did it once, I can do it again, and again …

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         It was a no-brainer for me to learn everything there is to know about this thing they call trading. And since then, day trading has been the best entrepreneurial experience I’ve ever had - no employees, no marketing, no customer service, no contracts or lawyers, little startup cost, little to no overhead - and I’m making more money and faster than ever. 

         I’m dropping’ jewels all over this website. Take advantage of it. Learn the fundamentals of day trading and join the Hip-Hop 'n Stocks Network - a community of hip-hop heads on a journey to financial freedom through day trading.

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I really do this. Watch me trade LIVE! on, “Hip-Hop 'n Stocks: The Pre-Market Morning Show”. 

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Don’t just watch, join us. Every trader needs to be in a network with like-minded individuals. 

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Not ready for all that? I feel u.

Just tune in to the morning show any weekday 7am - 4pm and watch me trade live. When you’re ready for more, 

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Learn How to Trade Stocks

Believe it or not you can learn how to trade stocks on your own - just like I did. Below are the videos, a free e-book and the course I took to learn how to Day Trade. Here’s what you need to learn and do (for starters):

Hip-Hop 'n Stocks How to Day Trade Fundamentals

I first started trading stocks in a brokerage account with Robinhood and searched for stocks to trade using FINVIZ. (FINVIZ is a FREE stock market scanner, and they also offer a monthly subscription at $24.96/mo.) After determining the type of day trader I wanted to be - a pre-market scalper - I opened a brokerage account with Webull -(to trade from 4am-9:30am), and I currently use Trade Ideas to search for stocks to trade. (Trade Ideas starts at $118 per month.) 

Use my affiliate links above to get discounts and FREE stock when you open an brokerage account

I’m self-taught. 

I spent hours upon hours upon weeks upon months searching, reading and watching 

videos online about day trading. There’s a lot of noise and misleading information out there, but I managed to weed through it and find some really dope seasoned day traders 

giving away game for FREE! Here are a few videos from my library:

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Vidoes on How to Trade Stocks
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Hip-Hop 'n Stocks Books and Classes
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…Next, I enrolled in a day trading course at Investopedia Academy titled, “Become a Day Trader”. 

The program is online and taught by a David Green, a Wall Street trader with over 30 years experience. The course is $199 and comes with lifetime access.

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Then I read,  How to Day Trade by Ross Cameron. For me, the book reconfirmed everything I was learning from the videos and online course. The book is free, so read it when you’re ready. 

Right now the Hip-Hop 26 Stocks day trading group is listening to audiobook , 

“Trading in the Zone” by Mark Douglas. Don’t miss out. Subscribe now

Hip-Hop 'n Stocks Investment Library
Hip-Hop 'n Stocks Investment Library
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How to Day Trade
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Support Hip-Hop 'n Stocks giving by Donating

Knowledge is power. And as I continue to perfect my skills as a trader, I’ll continue to update this website and broadcast the Hip-Hop 'n Stocks Morning Show. It’s my way of giving back. 

I appreciate any amount you contribute to help keep this thing going. 

Thank you so much for your generosity.

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